Which Detroit team will give us championship hopes next?

By Vito Chirco

Detroit fans pin their hopes on young stars Matthew Stafford, Michael Fulmer, and Reggie Jackson.

The summer is finally officially here, which typically …read more

Source: Detroit Athletic

Game 2017.76: Royals at Tigers

By Coleman

The Tigers come home, after a much needed day off, for us as well as for them.

J-Up stays in the 3 spot, Mikie Mahtook is the #2 du jour, and …read more

Source: Detroit Tigers Weblog

30 years ago Sheridan fulfilled a dream by playing for hometown Tigers in the playoffs

By Dan D’Addona

Outfielder Pat Sheridan played for the Detroit Tigers from 1986 to 1989.

Pat Sheridan grew up a Tiger fan, but many of the …read more

Source: Detroit Athletic

Hitting virtuoso Rusty Staub gave the Tigers three fine seasons at the plate

By Bruce Markusen

The 1977 Topps baseball card featuring Rusty Staub shows him coming out of the batters’ box after completing his swing. He was an All-Star …read more

Source: Detroit Athletic

Alex Avila Thinks It’s 2011

By Neil Weinberg

Amid a disappointing season, one of the commanding bright spots for the Tigers has been Alex Avila. After letting the homegrown catcher walk after the 2015 season, the Tigers brought …read more

Source: New English D

Game 2017.75: Tigers at Padres

By Coleman

One more of these West Coast debacles, and the boys get to stagger back home. Brad shuffles the lineup around, because, why not?

I like Upton batting 3rd; I won’t comment …read more

Source: Detroit Tigers Weblog

Game 2017.74: Tigers at Padres

By Coleman

Michael Fulmer pitched very well last night, but he was no match for Cy Perdomo and crew. The offensive stars of the game, such as they were, were Alex Avila, …read more

Source: Detroit Tigers Weblog